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OMG GETSU-9!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 So i haven't posted in a very long while, but I couldn't suppress my urge. 
Has anyone else heard about this already? I hope I'm not being stupid...

roughly translated. 



Arashi's Jun Matsumoto (26) has been announced to take the lead role in Fuji TV's Monday 9PM drama starting in July, called "Natsu no Koi ha Nijiiro ni Kagayaku" (Summer Love Glitters in Colors of the Rainbow). It is the first time he is taking the lead role in Fuji TV's "getsu-9" and is the first member from Arashi to do so as well. It is a love story with an older woman played by YUKO TAKEUCHI (30), and Matsumoto guarantees the "most delightful love story this summer." 



Quick post...

SO yes, it's everywhere.

Leader Oh-chan will be starring in remake of the Korean drama called "Maou" and co-starring with Ikuta Toma.

He cut his hair and dyed it black for this role.

Oh-chan with BLACK HAIR. Which is like the first time in how many years??? As long as I can remember him he's had very bright colored hair.

First time in a drama series and getting the lead role.


Just simply wow.

And Jun...lol I knew you would join Nino and Sho-chan in singing Arashi as batsugame...lol <3


Posted at Aibakaland also.

So....all Arashi fans have seen that famous clip at one point or another. Aiba-chan reading his letter to the members and crying, making Jun and Oh-chan cry along with him during the 24hr TV where they supported various  individuals with disabilities.


Roughly translated from http://www.sanspo.com/geino/top/gt200805/gt2008050208.html
The Second Time is an Olympic Year again! Arashi as the supporters for Nihon TV's "24 hr TV" [/b]

Arashi will be the main supporters for Nihon TV's "24HR TV 31 Love will save the world" which will be broadcasted on 8/30 and 8/31!

Their second challenge since their first time 4 years ago. They're at it again in the Olympic year.

This year the theme is "vows" and will report "the Earth and people today".

Sakurai Sho (26) said "This year again is the year of the Olympic and we will also be having summits, making it a year where vows and promises will be exchanged. I hope to exchange many vows that will lead us to the future." Matsumoto Jun (24) also said "We will do our best to make it a wonderful day where the viewers and supporters will be awed." The main MC is Tokumitsu Kazuo (67) and Nishio Yukari (30).

It's on Jun's birthday and he will be so tired...but I'm glad they're happy about doing this again. I guess this is part of the reason why they can't have a long summer concert this year. They have SO SO SO MUCH on their plate. Himitsu no Arashi-chan, Arashi no Shukudai-kun, VSArashi....summer con...NEWS ZERO for Sho-chan....Tensai Shimura Doubutsuen for Aiba-chan...movie promotion for both The Hidden Fortress and Hana Yori Dango Final for Jun....not to mention the monthly magazines which are going to probably triple in amount of interviews and photoshoots and such because of all that they are doing....

I hope Oh-chan designs the t-shirt again. He definitely will. He HAS TO.

Aiko is singing the song in Hana Yori Dango Final which has no title yet, but it's the theme for Tsukushi. I don't know if it'll be able to top Utada Hikaru's Flavor of Life...but we'll see. I'm excited about Arashi's "One Love"...from what I hear in the cm, it sounds really nice.

Hyakunen sakimo ai wo chikauyo Kimi wa boku no subetesa...
One hundred years from now I will still vow my love You are my everything...



because I know many of you were there and are mostly likely in this picture and would love to read about it.

posted also to Aibakaland, a_ra_shi

"MatsuJun~" calls at American University Premiere of the movie "The Hidden Fortress"

マツジュンの姿を見て大喜びする「ARASHI Secret Agency」のメンバー

Members of "ARASHI Secret Agency" who are ecstatic about seeing MatsuJun

[Los Angeles, CA 27th] The remake of Director Kurosawa Akira's "The Hidden Fortress THE LAST PRINCESS" (Director Higuchi Shinji, in theaters 5/10) with Arashi's Matsumoto Jun as the lead role, had a premiere at USC from which George Lucas graduated. Matsumoto was introduced it in English before the movie started, and was thrilled to see people's reactions. He commented positively about coming to the U.S. if he had a chance.


"Jun!" Around 6:05PM, the theater was filled with screams and heated up as Matsumoto appeared. The people of Los Angeles were excited to see this movie remade after 50 years.

The event was held at the Ellen Norris Theater in USC. This was made possible because Director Lucas, a graduate of USC, gained a hint from Director Kurosawa's original movie to make "Star Wars."

300 people including 200 students from USC arrived. Outside were about 100 people who could not make it in the theater. The premiere featured Matsumoto and Director Higuchi, as well as a special guest Anthony Daniels (63) who played the role of C3PO in Star Wars.

Before the showing, Matsumoto nervously said "I am very honored to be a part of this premiere at the honorable University of Southern California," but naturally smiled as the audience laughed and applauded during the movie. He said "I almost wanted to be the first to stand up and say 'Yes!' I was very nervous to see how people would react, but I was very happy."

The movie is an action adventure in the historical times where a samurai and peasants try to get past the enemy while saving a princess and their gold. After the movie was a question session. Matsumoto commented "I think we received a positive reaction from because Japan was able to prove that we can create high quality action entertainment movies also."

According to Toho, the movie will be shown in Thai and Taiwan (not sure when yet). The U.S. and Europe is under negotiation.

As the movie is possibly to be shown world wide, Matsumoto says about acting in the U.S. that "There's nothing planned, but if I am able to work with an interesting script and staff, I would be willing to take the chance to work on it overcoming differences in language and culture." He promised to work on English, and was excited about possibilities of working worldwide.

+ Fan Club in the U.S., 36 members come to premiere

There is an original fan club for Arashi in the U.S. which includes several thousand members. It is named after the TBS variety show "Himitsu no Arashi-chan!" and is called "ARASHI Secret Agency," and was created about a month ago. On this day, 36 members came to the premiere. Fans grew after Matsumoto's drama "Hana Yori Dango" was aired. Miss Destini Jason (19) who came from Las Vegas commented that "Arashi is funny, sexy, and entertaining. They really value their fans." Matsumoto said that "I am very surprised and very happy to see that our products are known in the U.S. I hope to be able to pay them back somehow."

WOW. I TOTALLY WISH I COULD'VE BEEN THERE. :( But I am glad everyone enjoyed it and the media was very interested in the fact that there are fans out here. And now Arashi knows! All around the world, guys. Seriously. You don't know how popular you guys really truly are.


 Wow I haven't posted in a while. 

Listened to some of the songs from Arashi's new album, and they are great :) 

Move Your Body -- upbeat, really nice :) I like this kind of style!
Sirius -- nice ballad 
Hello Goodbye (Aiba-chan solo) -- this is totally his style. You can tell the minute you hear it. It's definitely suited for his happy personality. 
Hip Pop Boogie (Sho-chan solo) -- now this is some amazing rap :) totally his style too, again. 

Although I haven't seen it yet, I hear a miracle happened for Arashi in Tokyo Friend Park II. Niiiiiceeeeeeeeee. Can't wait to watch it. 

Dramas this season...I'll probably watch Ryokiteki na Kanojyo, Zettai Kareshi, Last Friends. I'll add some more if I have the time :) 

IS ANYONE GOING TO THE LA PREMIER OF "KAKUSHI TORIDE NO SAN AKUNIN" at USC?!?!??!! I reserved a spot, but I don't know how I'm going to get there....*sob*

Just some updates

 More commercials...seriously shows how popular they're getting to be.

Rough translation from:

Nino will be the campaign character for a new Kirin beverage called "ShavaDava." It's a new type of drink using an original grapefruit vinegar along with grapefruit juice and soda. It'll be on sale starting 3/25, so I'm assuming the commercials will start airing a little before that. 

Sounds really good. I wanna try it. 

The Hanadan newspaper (flyers) are out in theaters, and they have uploaded a preview on their website. 
The new "Kakushi toride no san-akunin" preview looks cool too, as well as their new site! Kyaa <3 can't wait to see it xD 

And congratulations to TOKIO's Gussan for getting married and becoming a papa in the summer! All these people starting to get married...I say it's about time. Funny how their leaders are still left ;)

Hanadan filming news :)

News about Hanadan's filming. Today it seems like clips were shown during the morning news programs :) 

Taken from http://www.oricon.co.jp/news/movie/52447/

"Hana Yori Dango" Filming in Hong Kong and Las Vegas 

The popular drama Hana Yori Dango's movie and final version "Hana Yori Dango F (Final)" will end their overseas filming on the 29th in Las Vegas. The main actress and actor Inoue Mao (21) and Matsumoto Jun (24) filmed in Hong Kong from the 11th to 16th, and in Las Vegas from the 19th. Like their gorgeous celebrity roles, they flew 25000 miles around the world. 

The "Hanadan" part 2 of the drama that filmed in New York went up the scales again for the movie. Inoue who is finishing up her overseas filming used the phrase "Arienaittsu-no!" as the heroine Makino Tsukushi does, and commented "This time it's also a series of 'arienai'! It has more power and is gorgeous. We don't know how it'll turn out until the very end."

The filming started last month, but the five including the "F4" including Matsumoto, Oguri Shun (25), Matsuda Shota (22), Abe Tsuyoshi (26) did not meet up until the filming in Hong Kong. The drama series had been popular there as well, and many fans greeted them at the airport. The filming in the city was constantly popular as well.  

Oguri said "I experienced being really close to the fans. They called me "oguri-". Abe commented on the Hong Kong filming that "There's an action scene that makes you wonder 'Is this really Hanadan?'" Matsuda was also surprised "at the huge scale filming, which didn't seem like Hanadan anymore." 

Matsumoto promised that "It will be a product that you'll be glad you went to the theaters, not something that should've just ended with the TV series." The movie is different from the drama, and will use a completely original script without any episodes from the manga. The cast is deepening their love for the story. 

Last year's last episode for Part 2 had an average viewer rating of 27.6%, and the highest at 32.3%. Inoue thanked that "It was due to everyone's support that we were able to make this into a movie." The ending of the popular drama series will be in theaters June 28th. 

I'm excited to see Domyoji again :) And I'm sort of glad they're making a whole new script because you can't really go back to the manga when they used so many episodes in part 2 of the drama series. The author Kamio Yoko was working with them on the script too, so I'm sort of interested in how it's going to turn out. The manga didn't come to a COMPLETE ending either, so I'm happy about how it's a new story :D 

[edit] I watched the clips of the news about this on youtube, and omg...

- Renting a cruiser that's 1500000 yen per day for 2 days
- Renting a intercontinental suite room that's 1300000 yen per day
- The things in the set were so expensive that they had to limit the number of people in the room at a time to 15 people 
- Creating a VIP stage in a corner of a casino that is actually in operation 
- Created a roulette + 2 fountains for the set in 2 nights
- The Bellagio hotel (which was also used for filming "Ocean's Eleven") created a special fountain show JUST FOR HANADAN. 
- There were so many fans crowding around in Hong Kong that the cast was forbidden from going out on their own 
- They will be having a "Hanadan Newspaper" out in theaters starting this weekend for the promotion of the movie, which reflects back on the two drama series as well as the highlights of the movie; the big title on front said "Domyoji Tsukasa and Makino Tsukushi, finally marrying?!" (It serves the purpose of a flyer that they normally have for movies in Japan, but they made into a "newspaper") 


The webpage is also up, and on there was the plot: 
(roughly summarized) 

4 years later...
"I, Domyoji Tsukasa, will marry next spring! She is Makino Tsukushi, my destined woman who grabs my heart and never lets go!!"
There was a huge press conference going on at the hotel in Japan, broadcasted all over the world. Later on in a ceremonial exchange of engagement gifts between the Domjyoji family and Makino family, Tsukushi receives the tiara "Venus' smile" that has been passed on for generations from Domyoji Kaede, which is said to be over 10000000000 yen. However, that night, a mysterious man breaks in and steals the tiara from Tsukushi and Tsukasa. What is his purpose? Who is he? 
Tsukushi and Tsukasa run around the world from Hong Kong to Las Vegas, trying to retrieve the tiara!

This is just totally about me, but our all girls a cappella group had a first concert with an all guys a cappella group today, and it was really fun! I was really nervous and stiff, which is my shortcoming, but it's okay. I'll just have to work on it. The guys were SO amazing. Seriously. I love guy a cappella groups because they have such a broad range and they can be funny. Their group is about 3 years old, and ours is about an year, so we still have a lot to work on and stuff...but I'm glad people enjoyed it :) And omg I'm so relieved that it's over. lol I'm glad I was able to join and have a little college experience :D

 Posted at Aibakaland also.

Translated from http://www.sanspo.com/geino/top/gt200802/gt2008022515.html

Follow SMAP, Kinki Kids! Arashi will have a 5 MAJOR DOME TOUR!  

The popular group Arashi announced that they will have their first 5 national major dome tour from 5/16 to 7/6. They are the third group to do this after SMAP and KinKi Kids. They plan a fabulous stage which will introduce a new stage item. After successfully completing their first oversea tour 2 years ago, and last year's Osaka and Tokyo Dome Concerts, Arashi continues to move on. 


Arashi goes on to conquer the nation's 5 major domes: Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka, Fukuoka, Sapporo. Startig with Kyocera Dome Osaka on 5/16, they will complete 10 performances until Sapporo Dome on 7/6, aiming to have 440000 people.


Arashi had a successful overseas tour 2 years ago in Taiwan and Korea. Last year as a returning concert, they held 9 performances at Yokohama Arena and Osaka-jyo Hall, but had 350000 people apply for tickets when they could only accomodate 135000 people. Even after the nation-wide tour, 380000 people could not get tickets for Tokyo and Osaka concerts, so they added Dome Concerts in Septemeber and October.

The members are ecstatic. Sakura Sho (26) says "I'm just really happy. I hope we can create a big footstep for our 10th anniversary next year. It feels like the concerts in Asia, the concerts last year, and everything combined together brought us here right now. I hope to make it a concert where people who come can receive happiness and strength. Aiba Masaki (25) says "I'm really pumped up for this huge challenge. We plan to make it a huge success, but I just hope it will be successful. I'll even work to the point of falling down."

The concerts plan for a "new mechanism." In Arashi's previous concerts, they created a "moving stage" where the stage moves above the arena seats, awing the audience. Sakurai comments that this time's mechanism will also awe the audience.

The tour title is "ARASHI Marks 2008 Dream-A-live" The members gave ideas, and chose Sakurai's. "The 'Marks' means to make Arashi's mark in 2008," says Sakurai. The "Dream-A-live" is for the concert theme of living between reality and dreams, having a dream as we live.  

9 years since their debut in November of 1999. They will continue to run at full speed this year. 

- Having currency 
This year there will be the summit in Hokkaido as well as the Beijing Olympics. The producer of Arashi's concert says "We hope to have some relevance with the summit and the olympics," making it a great concert headed towards next year's 10th anniversary. He says "it is a pleasure to be able to have a 5 dome tour in an eventful year. We hope to have everyone imagine what Arashi will be like next year." 

- Matsumoto Jun (24): The concert theme is between dreams and reality. The dream-like entertainment world, ourselves on TV and our raw selves. We'll create a stage showing everything using the dome. We'd like to enjoy the pre-anniversary year.

- Ninomiya Kazunari (24): I hope to be just ourselves, without any worries, so that the fans can enjoy it. 

- Ohno Satoshi (27): I'd first like to thank the fans and staff. I hope to make the dome festival successful along with everyone, as we did for last year's Tokyo and Kyocera Dome Osaka Concerts. 

OMFG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I REALLY WANNA GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA~!!! And to think that they are the 3rd group to challenge this feat!!!!! Seriously, they are being regarded so highly now! I mean, the only other groups that have done this is SMAP and KinKi Kids!!! That just shows how popular Arashi has become within the last two years. I'm really happy for them. 

Tickets are gonna be premium....


Leader Fever.

 Leader is seriously going all out. 

FREESTYLE, the book. 120000 copies. CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT?! 

For those of us who cannot go to see the actual exhibition, go to here to see the pictures. There are a LOT, and I'm surprised they even posted all of them...it is amazing. Simply amazing. Just click on the picture displayed there, and keep clicking on the I'm really glad to hear that everyone is so interested in his artwork because he truly deserves this attention after his 10 years. A whole bunch of morning/afternoon news programs are showing the press reports and stuff, which I am really happy to see. 

A translation of the website's article:

Arashi: Leader Ohno becomes a "professor" - "A work of love" with Nino at his first exhibition 

Caption under the pictue: Ohno Satoshi and Ninomiya Kazunari's "work of love" titled "Muscle Homerun" 

The leader of the popular idol group "Arashi" Ohno Satoshi (27) held a press conference on the 21st for the opening of his exhibition "FREESTYLE" in Omotesando Hills. At the exhibition, the figure "Muscle Homerun" which was the member Ninomiya Kazunari's (24) idea is also on display. "Professor Ohno, congratulations on the opening of your exhibition. The figure is the work of our love. I love you," commented Ninomiya, and Ohno said strongly "I love him too." (Okay, for this part...I'm unsure whether they meant the figure or actually that they like each other, because it's not specified...Nino just said "suki" which means love/like, and Ohno just commented back that he loves/likes it or him too...so yea...well, lets just assume they meant each other for our fangirls sake :D) The member Sakurai Sho (26), who came to congratulate Ohno pouted "I didn't have to come then." 

Ohno started drawing in elementray school, influenced by a friend who was good at art. About ten years ago, he started watercolor paintings, and from 2-3 years ago, making figures. Ohno said "I had thought about quitting Arashi and becoming an illustrator," but said that "The more I am busy, the more I want to draw. I can't help but drawing," and that "I would be happy if people who came to see my work look at it and smile. I had my dream come true of holding an exhibition for what I had been doing as a hobby. I hope it will be the cause for people to find what they like."  

Besides the figures, there are drawings, photographs, objects, a total of 200 works on display. In the corner "My album," there is a paper on display which Ohno wrote "(The name) Ohno Satoshi was given to me for hopes of me to become a strong, honest, smart child" in first grade.  

The exhibition was held in honor of the publishing of his book "FREESTYLE." The first copies were all sold out immediately, and is currently prining 120000 copies. The exhibition is free, but requires a entry ticket given out at the entrance. The exhibition aims to have 30000 people come until the 29th. 


Keep pressing the right arrow after you click on the first picture, and you can see all of the photos. Aiba-chan, Nino, and Jun sent flowers since they couldn't come in person to the opening xD So I didn't know that there was this campaign where you draw a design on the figure, and Ohno chose 5 to create. And Nino's was included. LOL I totally feel the love <333

I also heard the entry tickets are like impossible to get. Even the newspapers have reported that they're becoming like premium tickets. They start handing out the entry tickets around 7:40AM. Even people who arrived there at 6AM gets an entry ticket for 1PM. If you come around 9:30AM, they've already finished handing out the tickets for the day. HOW CRAZY IS THAT?! They had like 3000 entry tickets for the second day, I think.  

They're selling the goods online though. The straps are limited to one per person I think...

Wow. I am just too amazed and in awe to say anything. 

I heard Aiba-chan's Guruguru Ninety-nine Hulaboys episode was cute too, so I hope I get to see that soon <3

More shows.

Posted at Aibakaland also. 

I'm really excited for this!

This time, all five of them will appear on the show!!

"The Television" pg.27 reports that Arashi will be in Tokyo Friend Park II on March 31st!

It will be the third time for Sho (Kisarazu + Yamada Taro), second time for Nino (Yamada Taro) and Jun (Hanadan), and the first time for Aiba-chan and Oh-chan <3

I won't say grand slam (it's probably harder with more people), but I hope they can do their best and that we'll get to see a lot of their teamwork! 

As for myself...school is being a real pain right now. Lots of performances for my choir and acapella group, essays, midterms, and finals are right around the corner. I think I'm being stressed out over small things, but I really can't help it. I'm sorry I haven't been able to comment as much on people's ljs or comment back :(

My savior is watching Arashi in all these programs to promote their new single. <333 


So the new golden-time program starting in April is called "Himitsu no Arashi-chan" which people may think wtf?! but I'm assuming it's playing on a famous/popular anime (from like my parents' generation? I'm not so sure) called "Himitsu no Akko-chan." Anyways, I'm excited about this new program. 

As for the Tokyo Friend Park II appearance, I'm pretty sure it's to promote the new program, since it's right before April. It's from 6:55 to 8:54 PM, a 2 hour SP because of adjustments for new programs starting in the spring, I suppose. The subtitle is "Graduating from being a Sports Lose SP" LOL does this mean we can expect some good things from Sho-kun???

So "Step and Go" sold 107689 copies on the first day. O_______o Wow. I seriously was not expecting this. I mean, that's how much an average album would probably sell in a day.